We want our students to discover, develop, and pursue their passions. As a result, winter and spring intersession courses specifically focus on this goal. For example, we offered this past December Tricks, Finesse, and Dummies: The Logic, Strategy, and Culture of Bridge. Students learned the globally-popular 4-player game that embodies logic, cooperation, and problem-solving. Subsequently, four members of the class traveled to the Hartford Bridge Club to play in a duplicate Bridge tournament. Our students surprised and impressed us by their stamina and etiquette in the face of top-notch competition. Indeed, veteran players praised them for their composure and interest during the 4-hour, 27-hand game.

The December intersession class is presenting to Jeff Lehman, current parent, a certificate of appreciation for sharing with students his passion for Bridge in the photograph above. Our students are competing during the recent Bridge tournament in the photographs below.

By the end of this week students will be signing up for their spring intersession classes. What new passions are about to be discovered?