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It was a long morning of waiting before our 2 pm departure by limousine coach to Logan International Airport. Chaperones conducted last minute checks regarding passports, money, and luggage. Josh previewed once again our travel to Dubrovnik. Finally, the bus arrived, and Gabrielle Weissbach was there to say goodbye to the group. We were at Logan by 4:30 and breezed through check-in and security. Lufthansa allowed us early boarding so we were already situated in our seats as other passengers came on board. It was not a full flight, giving us the rare luxury of spreading out. The seven hour flight passed quickly, and we “lost” the night with very little sleep that is typical when flying west to east. Upon landing in Munich students and teachers sang “Happy Birthday” to Rory Gibbs with other passengers joining in. We are now on a layover before the 2:30 pm flight to Croatia.