I am gratefully sharing Franklin Academy’s COVID-19 Reopen Taskforce Report. You can access our report by clicking here. This living, breathing document is the culmination of hard work by members of the administration, health services, existing safety committee, and faculty volunteers. We utilized authoritative resources for guidance and identified vital gating conditions. The taskforce embraced essential safety principles and protocols. Furthermore, colleagues carefully considered the distinctive characteristics of our campus. The report outlines safety expectations for students and employees and explains the impact on the opening of school. Similarly, there will be changes to the daily schedule and our yearly calendar. We also intend to modify the use of school facilities and control visitors’ access to campus.

Trustees, teachers, and parents have received this report. Inevitably, there will be many follow-up questions to address. Next, Franklin Academy’s Board of Trustees will decide on Friday, August 14, if gating conditions permit the safe return of teachers and students to campus in September. I will communicate the Board’s decision to our teachers and the parents of new and returning students later that day. Then, Rebecca Hays and Lee Barsom, Co-Chairs of the Reopen Taskforce, will host with me a series of Zoom community meetings to answer questions and address concerns. We will also provide more details about our students’ online orientation, the school’s opening, and changes to our program.

While we have given careful consideration to a wide range of complex issues, each day reveals new challenges. Fortunately, there are some good reasons to be optimistic which I will address in my next blog posting.