On Saturday morning, June 6, we honored outstanding achievement and personal growth across the grades. We recognized our postgraduates and awarded diplomas to our seniors. As a boarding school with students spread across the country, our graduation ceremony could not take place on campus, even with social distancing and safety protocols. Still, I hope the music stirred the soul and the speeches inspired. Most importantly, I trust that there were many moments of family pride as mothers and fathers presented academic awards, certificates, and diplomas to their sons and daughters.

Regarding our Class of 2020, there are 24 seniors and four postgraduates. They come from 11 states – CT (12), MA (6), TX (2) ME, NH, NJ, NY, IL, MD, MI, and CO. The length of time at Franklin Academy has been varied. One has been here for one year, 16 for two years, 8 for three years, and 3 for four years. This remarkable class, along with all of our underclassmen and teachers, faced adversity and challenges unlike anything experienced before. Consequently, the crucible of the pandemic helped them find their identity.

They are also Franklin Academy pioneers who have been incredibly eclectic in their choice of colleges and universities. Some will be following alumni to popular destinations such as Rochester Institute of Technology, Landmark College, Beacon College, the University of Hartford, Mansfield Hall, or Drexel University. Others are returning for a postgraduate year at Franklin Academy. Many, however, are forging a new path. They will become our first graduates to enter such schools as Seton Hall, Johnson & Wales, Florida Institute of Technology, Unity College, Alfred State College of Technology, Fordham University, St. Thomas University in Canada, the University of New Haven, and the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Class of 2020 – we will miss you. Good luck and Godspeed.