Justine Glaser, a native of California, attended Franklin Academy for three years. I remember a very artistic student. She loved to perform and sing in school theater productions. What a voice! She designed her clothes. Justine also wrote ADD: The Musical for The Worldwide Plays Festival competition in New York City. Then, she saw it performed Off-Broadway. As a result, Jay Garvey, her Humanities instructor, wrote in a college recommendation that one of Justine’s best attributes is her willingness to challenge herself. Justine subsequently graduated from Franklin Academy with honors in Humanities in June of 2014. Afterward, she enrolled at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Next, I fast-forward to 2019 to quote from an article written by Yitzi Weiner for Authority Magazine. I had the pleasure to interview composer, pianist, lead singer, and vivacious front-woman, Justine Glaser, of Blue Midnight. Blue Midnight’s sound is iridescent in its sensually hard-hitting drumlines, heavily distorted guitar solos, operatic vocals, and classical string section. Justine is a heavy metal woman on a mission. With only 23-years of life experience under her chainlink belt, she has accomplished more in the music world than most dream of… self-booking Blue Midnight for 11 shows in just one year of forming the band. With the sound, drive, and ambition of a bonafide Rockstar, Justine takes it up a notch by designing her own clothes, writing and composing her own music, and stepping up as a female role model by inspiring women around the world to go after their dreams.

A bio on the band’s Facebook page states that Blue Midnight is a dream metal act created by indigo-haired composer, pianist, harpist, and lead singer Justine Lunaris. The band released its debut album, Eternal Wish, in 2018. Click here to access the music. Now, Justine is working on a second album. Meanwhile, she eagerly anticipates playing shows again on the other side of the pandemic. Do an Internet search for Justine Glaser (Lunaris is her professional name) or go to bluemidnightmusic.com for more information. To sum up, I believe that she will inspire you. That is Justine in the photo above.