Michael Lehman, Dan Meuse, and Tejas Venkateswaran are Franklin Academy’s representatives who will be attending the Model United Nations conference on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut, staring today and running through Sunday afternoon.  Model UN conferences across the country “provide a structure for students to learn about the United Nations, international relations, and a variety of topics important to the global community through simulation.  Delegates spend committee sessions discussing issues and deciding on ways to resolve them.”  Additionally, UConn Model United Nations “strives to position itself as a learning conference, emphasizing both a professional atmosphere and an engaging experience where delegates are encouraged to ask questions and increase their understanding of the United Nations and their topics.”  We extend to FA’s representatives our best wishes for a successful conference, and we are grateful for the keen interest of Fahd Rafiq, our Model UN advisor, who, by the way, is completing his doctorate degree through the University of Connecticut.  Fahd is a FLI Humanities Instructor; he is also certified as an adjunct UConn instructor, allowing him to teach college history courses on the Franklin campus to our seniors and postgraduates.