We are a college preparatory school. Consequently, we expect our graduates to attend college or enroll in a certificate program to prepare for a profession. However, we understand that every student has a different timeline as they pursue their passions. Many of our graduates move immediately ahead with their postsecondary education. However, some students want more time and require additional preparation before that next step. For these reasons, Franklin Academy offers a postgraduate program for our students and newcomers with similar learning profiles from other high schools. These postgraduates join our seniors in the Franklin Learning Institute (FLI), which offers a dress rehearsal of the college freshman year on our campus.

Matt Kasper is one of our postgraduates who arrived on campus this past September. Has the year been a worthwhile investment? Based on the following email message that I just received, you can be the judge. “As a parent, it gives me great pleasure to inform Franklin Academy that Matt has been accepted by all the colleges he applied to!!!! Dean College, Sacred Heart University, University of New Hampshire, and UCONN. And the winner is…. UCONN! Matt will be a Husky in the Fall of 2021, enrolling as a student in the Fine Arts program. He will be going to the Stamford campus where they have a department for students with disabilities that will guide him. We, Matt and his Family, wanted to share this great news!! Thanks! Donna Kasper.” Congratulations, Matt. Sometimes that extra year makes all the difference.