Alex Portnoy, FLI senior and four-year student at Franklin Academy, is considering a wide range of colleges and universities. Indeed, his list of applications is perhaps the most ambitious that I have reviewed in a long time. Already, Adelphi University (, Daemen (, Hofstra (, and Mitchell College ( have sent acceptance letters to Alex. I am confident that more will follow. Then, Alex will need to evaluate the “goodness of fit” of each postsecondary option.

Frankly, there is much to contemplate. Alex will endeavor to match his aspirations and talents with academic programs, opportunities for personal growth, and career choices. The school’s size, geographic location, and proximity to town or city could make a difference. Does the school offer academic support for students with learning differences? What about housing options, including single occupancy dorm rooms? Finally, are there financial incentives such as merit awards, scholarship assistance, work/study options, or low-interest student loans? On behalf of my colleagues, I extend our best wishes to Alex and his family as they weigh the choices and think about a future filled with possibilities.

Meanwhile, for those parents whose students are on the cusp of starting this great adventure, I want to remind you of the upcoming seminar, Transitions to Postsecondary Education, presented by Byron Crozier, College Counselor, and Jennifer Dziekan, FACTS Advisor. Circle Tuesday, February 23, at 4:00 pm and use the link I previously emailed to you to participate in this informative and timely seminar.