The Winter Sports class this December Intersession (mini-term between Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday) is for those students who are active and like sports. The course is designed with a holistic approach to improve health and hone physical performance through nutrition and mindfulness skills. Students learn experientially or by “doing.” Classes involve, but are not limited to, hiking, swimming, team sports, and daily morning weight training sessions. Guided by Franklin Academy’s Code of Conduct, participants are striving to answer the question, “What is a true athlete?” In addition, students are required to keep a daily journal for recording nutritional intake and physical activities in order to encourage positive self-care. A course highlight is the three-day excursion to Lake Placid, New York to visit the Olympic museum and to take advantage of winter sporting events such as skiing, bobsledding, and the biathlon. Teachers and students left campus today for Lake Placid, and they will be returning on Wednesday evening. Finally, students are reading the novel, The Naked Olympics, which delves into the ancient world of sports at the world’s first most influential athletic event.