We welcomed students to campus today as one of several schools in the Northeast to host the ACT’s July 18 test administration.

Thirty-three test-takers came from New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Parents were very appreciative, thanking Franklin Academy staff for being so accommodating. We required everyone to endorse as accurate a series of Health Screening Statements. Students remained in their cars until receiving a text from the BAT phone to proceed one at a time to register. Even with this more methodically paced registration, we were ready to begin the test by 8:20 am. Of course, we mandated masks and provided hand sanitizer. We carefully positioned desks at six-foot intervals throughout the Great Room of the School House. This space served twenty-two students taking the regularly-timed ACT. We also used three classrooms in the Humanities Building for extended-time test-takers. Everyone maintained appropriate social distancing throughout the test, and we limited restrooms to one-person use at a time.

As I walked our campus, I was glad to see people once again. While there are still many questions to be answered before we can resume on-campus operations in September, this ACT administration has been a good dress rehearsal.