Sometimes no snow falls during the winter months in Connecticut. Sunny days alternate with rainy and cloudy days, providing little variation as we gaze over our grayish-brown rural landscape. However, this year, we are experiencing a real winter with plowable snow. Four storms are currently in the queue across the country, and our forecast over the next seven days calls for varying amounts of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

To commemorate the season, I am sharing a video slideshow of Franklin in Winter. Click here to view. There are memorable photographs from the school archives. Current shots include the day after our most recent snowstorm and an outdoor Freeze Dance competition earlier this week.

While each season at Franklin Academy has its particular appeal, I must confess a visual attraction to the juxtaposition of bright white snow and a deep blue winter sky. But, as the days grow longer, I begin perusing seed catalogs and picturing my spring garden filled with lettuce and herbs. The snow will soon start to melt, and green shoots of my chive plants will appear. Then, it will be time to produce Franklin in Spring.