Franklin Academy’s teachers are creative and enthusiastic. They radiate a passion for learning and share a keen interest in a wide range of scholarly pursuits. The school takes advantage of this academic strength by encouraging faculty to design specialized enrichment courses in areas of high interest. These elective classes are 10-week courses, spanning two quints, and offered in two rotations per year.

Attached is the spring elective course catalog (click here). Described are more than twenty elective options that reflect a range of academic rigor. Some offer credit in Math, English, or Science. These classes are scheduled during Wednesday and Saturday, providing a change of pace from required courses in our curriculum.

The deadline for spring elective course sign-ups is next Wednesday, December 15. Motivated and accomplished students might choose as many as three elective courses with permission from the team learning specialist. Most will take two elective courses. Some will enroll in just one of these courses to manage other opportunities such as off-campus internships. However, whether a student takes one, two, or three electives, any of these classes might be the catalyst that captures a student’s imagination and unlocks individual potential.