As a result of advanced problem-solving ability and math aptitude demonstrated through class performance and during various math competitions this year, a select group of our students have been invited to represent Franklin Academy in the AMC-12 (American Mathematics Competition for 12th grade and below).

This year’s AMC team is:

Team B: Brinkley Blum

Team C: Gavin Smith and Josh Waldie

Team D: Jacob Zinkerman, Parker Lake, Jenner Beutel, Josh Rosenmiller, and Dash Hepworth

FLI: Dan Meuse and Tom Prezioso

The contest is designed to offer an intellectual challenge to gifted students with the opportunity to advance to regional, national, and international competitions. Being invited to take the exam is an honor in itself, but there are several additional opportunities for recognition. The name of the top scorer in the school will be added to Franklin’s AMC School Winner plaque. The top 5% of scorers from the AMC-12, plus those scoring at least 100 out of a possible 150 points (whichever is more inclusive), will be invited to advance to the next round of competition – the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Exam). The top 500 scorers on the AIME across the country then participate in the United States of America Mathematics Olympiad, an annual competition to select the team that represents our country in the International Mathematical Olympiad which the USA has won three out of the last four years.

In previous years, Franklin has had three students qualify for the AIME and one advance to the USAMO. Participation in any of these events is highly regarded by colleges and universities. Good luck to our 2019 AMC team!